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23-12-2005, 04:59 PM

i had to reformat my sister-in-laws computer, so i copied the OE .dbx. I put these in a C:\mail folder instead of the normal one once the reinstall of XP Home was done. The problem is that i had this mapped under OE from her (new) user account. when i tried to download her email under her limited-user account, it would not, so i had to do it under an administrator account. This then created 2 mailbox paths, under 2 users, so i changed the administrator path to C:\Mail. Reading the warning it appeared it would combined the two, but it deleted/removed etc the new mail under administrator Is there anyway to get this email back? any tools available?

Any hep would be gratefully accepted :)


24-12-2005, 09:48 PM
Not that experienced with file recovery, but it is important not to write to the hard drive until you have had a chance to run a recovery tool. If you search this forum for deleted file recovery you should find some recommendations which *may* retrieve the overwritten file.

Didn't you keep a copy of the original saved .dbx from the previous installation?