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18-12-2005, 06:26 PM

My gear:
I own a Hp pavilion laptop 17" zd 7000. I recently bought and installed Microsoft external/wireless mous and keyboard. (not really wireless since you have to plug in a cumbersome usb adapter).

My problem:
Ever since I got the external keyboard and mouse, the touchpad on the laptop acts funny. The sensitivity is off balance, highlighting and moving text as I type, there seems to be an action activated that clicks on things everytime I touch the pad, and sometimes even when I am no where neat the laptop I hear clicking...

I run adware and norton every week. Firewall my internet, and all the precautions.

Can anybody tell me if they know how to fix it or if they had this happen to their computer? Any help appreciated.


18-12-2005, 07:12 PM
I have a Pavilion zd8000 and also a MS wireless mouse as you describe.
I found that installing included MS Intellipoint software with it that it stuffed up the native HP touchpad. The two refused work well together.
I reverted to using HP's touchpad software and unistalled Intellipoint The MS wireless Mouse still worked satisfactorily as a basic mouse.
My MS Mouse malfunctioned (refused to work) a few days ago I think that the USB receiver part failed, probably because the rotating part lost internal conection.
I have now installed a Logitech V200 cordless mouse which works perfectly with it's included software without interfering at all with the Touchpad.
Don't know if this helps you but might give you something to try.

Missed the fact that you you also are using an external Keyboard. That should not effect my earlier comment!