View Full Version : Windows 2000 Setup Downfall

11-11-2000, 11:42 PM
I got Windows 2000 Professional and I tried to install it as a fresh copy, and leave 98 for games etc.
I got through much of the installation process, the first time I got an invalid page fault, the second time I got a registry error, and this time, I got tons of errors about truncating system files, then a quick error which I can't read and it restarts (the error and restart loop).
I booted into 98 and checked the winnt directory which has lots off files with names like | and |@| and then ones with proper names.
What am I doing wrong?

I'm running a Pentium Class 200Mhz, 96MB Ram, 20GB hdd (2k partition made my Partition Magic 4), I don't see what could be wrong!

Philip Quinn