View Full Version : Upgrading to Fat32 with Windows 98

16-12-1998, 03:30 AM
I have recently upgraded to Windows 98. As such I wanted to take advantage over one of the big advantages it has over 95a, that is Fat32.
However when I go to convert my drive to Fat32 there is a problem.
Windows performs an initial check, finds everything OK after the usual warning messages relating to virus checkers etc, and proceeds to reboot into MSDos mode to perform the conversion.
It skips very briefly (ie less than a second) to a blue screen informing me that it is now proceeding with the conversion, but then reloads the Windows GUI to give me an error message that I have a program called 'System Commander' installed.
Up until Windows conveniently informed me of this fact, I had never heard of this product, and certainly do not have it installed. In the interests of research I did a web search for this product to discover that it is a boot manager. I have no such program installed.
I have tried using the handy System Configuration Utility supplied with Windows 98 to disable all startup programs, win.ini etc but this does not help.

Any help appreciated.

In case the information is relevant, I have a Cyrix 6x86 200+, 64MB ram, 4.3GB HDD, 540MB HDD, 4MB S3 card and Voodoo 3dfx card.