View Full Version : overheating processor

06-11-2000, 07:22 PM
I have a 3 year old system using an AMD 200mmx processor that came originally with heat sink only, no cooling fan. Lately, a strange rythmical scratching sound would begin shortly after start up and continue until shut down. Initially, I assumed this must have been a hard drive problem because of the physical nature of the sound but after removing the case to pinpoint the source of the sound, it seemed to be coming from the processor. Very odd, I thought. After blowing on the heat sink several times ,the noise would disappear and when running without the case, would rarely develop. Anyone else had this strange problem? Is the processor deteriorating? If I was to update the processor, what would be the fastest cpu that would run effectively on a socket 7, 66mhz motherboard? Any responses greatly appreciated.