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Billy T
13-11-2005, 05:24 PM
Hi Team

My dsl connection was working fine at network shutdown last night, but today I have no access (currently enjoying the novelty of dial-up!). My network is otherwise OK, but with all computers getting the same response.

My router is a Nokia I500 dsl router (the updated version) and at switch-on it appears to negotiate a connection with the dslam ok, ending the process with two simultaneous flashes of the right-hand pair of green LEDS. It might be taking a little longer than usual, but that seems to happen sometimes anyway.

Despite the apparent connection, I don't get connectivity though, with the usual time-outs and site not available messages. Pinging the router's IP returns a normal response, but pinging the IP for any of my "test" sites returns the message:

Reply from : Destination net not available.

The IP quoted is that for my gateway (my router).

Looks like it is either my router or the dslam, but your collective wisdom would be appreciated.

Supposing it is in fact my router, to get me back on line asap, what is the recommended replacement router that will be easy to set up and offer nat for security?


Billy 8-{) :waughh:

Edit: Forgot to mention, when I ping, the router lights do not show any traffic.

13-11-2005, 06:26 PM
You sure it hasn't just lost your password/username?

When the do the local network will still work, Your router will still find the adsl feed but you wont be able to send or recieve any data over it.

13-11-2005, 06:50 PM
From what you have written would tend to suggest the router is fine. Many routers have a log in the setup area, are you able to access the setup and see this?

Also have you tried a "repair" connection on one of the systems (if Windows XP)?

How about the IP your system is being assigned is it in the range you would expect? or a windows assigned ip? (CMD dos shell then Ipconfig)

Terry Porritt
13-11-2005, 07:43 PM
It sounds much like what happened when Telecom pulled the plug on my Telstra Clear ADSL connection without telling me they were going to do it, just 2 weeks after having got the Telstra connection.

Try getting hold of someone at your ISP help desk and get them to check whether they can see your router trying to logon. You should be able to tell the router to connect from the browser based router 'control panel'.

13-11-2005, 07:49 PM
Billy T, I am I correct & saying that your are with Xtra?

Billy T
13-11-2005, 08:02 PM

OS is Win 2kPro

All IPs are fixed for the network

IPCONFIG shows no anomalies on the main office computer, all others are affected the same so that seems to rule out any config changes.

I haven't checked the router logon yet, it is so long since I installed it I have completely forgotten anything I ever knew about the set up process. I found the manual and set up a telnet session from the command line, but bearing in mind how little I know about this device, I found nothing apparently wrong. Obviously my router logon password still worked or I wouldn't have been able to access the telnet session.

I must admit that it does seem like the router is OK, so is it possible that Xtra has fouled up my logon at their end?


Billy 8-{) :confused:

Billy T
13-11-2005, 08:24 PM
Well, I have found my way to the heart of the router's config via telnet, checking everything as I went, and all is reading OK. The "ppp 1 info" command says that everything is ok and I have a viable ADSL connection, so I'll try phoning Xtra.

I hope I get a live one!!


Billy 8-{)

Billy T
13-11-2005, 10:11 PM

Problem solved, but I'm not 100% sure how. I have just spent an hour on the phone to Xtra's help desk working on the problem with the most knowledgeable, patient and helpful guy you could ever hope to talk to. The call was answered in less than 30 seconds and I have been walked through every conceivable possibility.

He could see my router and it was logging on, authenticating and picking up an IP address OK, but the data packets were getting lost or scrambled somewhere between my computer(s) and theirs. All six of my computers were out so that ruled out a computer problem, and direct connection to the router to eliminate the switch didn't help either.

Pings to the router were not working and I couldn't access the router via a browser IP input. In the end I lost track of how many variations we tried but nothing worked on either of the computers I had hooked up in my office tonight. Since all computers were affected, we settled on what seemed to be an obscure problem in my router and he arranged for a replacement.

We closed the call and I restored the last set of the trial settings back to my standard fixed IP addresses, then bugger me if the router didn't give up the struggle and decide to let me in again.

I'm still going to replace it though, because reliability is very important to my business and there is clearly something very strange wrong with this one. The last thing that happened just before we parted company was a final reboot of the router, and it picked up a new IP address at that time, but the problem was still there. That may have been the last straw that mended the camel's back perhaps. :D

So, for those who bag Telecom, there is a good news and good service story for you. Which is pretty much the same as all my previous dealings with them, though this guy was truly exceptional, kinda like Godfather, Chill, Jen, Metla, and all the rest of the top techies here on PF1, all rolled into one. He can marry my daughter any time he likes.


Billy 8-{) :)

13-11-2005, 10:43 PM
He can marry my daughter any time he likes.


Billy 8-{) :)LOL, it was probally ninja

Billy T
13-11-2005, 11:21 PM

I very much doubt it, in fact I would go so far as to say that unless the gentleman I was dealing with was schizoid, the contrast between the two styles of operation is simply irreconcilable.

The one could simply never be the other.


Billy 8-{)

13-11-2005, 11:58 PM
LOL, it was probally ninja

I dont think ninja works at Xtra ;)

14-11-2005, 05:42 AM
now go back and check that telecom hasnt put any huge charges on for the time you went back to dial up sometimes they sneak that one up on you just because you pay high rates for broadband it doesnt cover any dial up you use

14-11-2005, 08:31 AM
..........When I had my company jetstream feed from Telecom/Xtra they gave me a free dial-up account.

well, Not so much free but it was part of the package and if I didn't want it I didn't get a discount.

But then, I got a cheaper deal with a larger cap from elsewhere.......

Billy T
16-11-2005, 09:30 AM
now go back and check that telecom hasnt put any huge charges on for the time you went back to dial up sometimes they sneak that one up on you just because you pay high rates for broadband it doesnt cover any dial up you use

No way, I have one of the residual "still free" Freenet accounts. It allows enough hours per month to cover any reasonable need.

Messages to their help-desk are never answered though. I have been trying for nearly a year to get them to kill off my son's old account because it fills up with spam, nearly half of which is virus-laden messages variously addressed to support/mail/service/administrator/register/webmaster @freenet etc and their mirror kwiknet, but they never reply and never activate my requests.

Probably time to telephone Compass & do the indignant customer thing.:D


Billy 8-{)