View Full Version : PCI Express Add-in Card that only needs power from the bus

09-11-2005, 06:22 AM
I have designed a card that currently installs into a PCI slot. I am redesigning this card for use in the PCI Express bus. I will be connecting the PRSNT1# and the PRSNT2# pin on my new card so that the bus will know that a card is present, and will then turn the power ON to the slot the card is installed into. I do not need any communication links to the PCI Express bus, only power. I am concerned that when the bus sees a card present, that it can not communicate with that it will then power down that card slot. I would prefer to keep things simple and have no bus communication. Is it possible to just tap into the power like I had been doing on the PCI Bus, or do I need to design in a communication interface to actually talk to the PCI Express Bus.