View Full Version : Internet connection sharing

02-11-2000, 07:01 PM
I have 2 PCs networked together, the larger of which is connected to the internet through dial-up networking.
By enabling Internet Connection Sharing I have made internet access possible on the smaller PC. So far so good.
However, the dialog which requires my password to be input appears on the big PC which is upstairs, when I try to connect to the internet from the small PC which is, as you have no doubt guessed, downstairs.
Very annoying.
If I have to go back upstairs to type in the password, I might as well connect from there. But that was not the intention.
Is there any way I can force Windows to make the password dialog appear on the downstairs machine when I connect from there. (My guess is that you can't but I live in hope).
Enabling the 'remember password' function in the dial-up networking dialog is not an option because of the security issues with a house full if kids.
Any help would be appreciated.