View Full Version : NetObjects Fusion 7 Help/Advice

30-10-2005, 01:55 PM
I am hoping there may be somebody familiar with this program that may be able to assist me please?

Basically i have the Webpage design etc reasonably established, however i have run in to a rather peculiar problem - The whole site is designed in Netobjects, which is working well and i am finding reasonably easy to use and learn - all pages and child pages linking perfectly well as to be expected - however -

I want to be able to add a nav button to my nav bar, which will link to a page which will reside "outside" the directory of the main site, (i need to do this, so as to password protect the paticular page and this is only possible by protecting the whole directory). This should be simple, but i appear to be missing something along the way, as every page you create, auto adds a button to the nav bar with the correct path, however i cannot find a way to edit the path to an external page or even simply add a navbutton to the nav bar not related to the site itself? (i mean basically add a button and link to the navbar without creating a page within the site). I hope that makes sense? :confused: :confused:
The only other option would be to just add a "link" (seperate from the nav bar), however i would prefer to keep it tidy and in the main nav bar menu if possible? I have thought of a few workarounds, but surely there must be a way to do this???

It seems like this "should" be a simple action, so i am presuming i am missing something along the way in the settings and options...

Any advice appreciated thanks :)