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01-11-2000, 12:53 PM
A couple of days ago my printer ceased to function. When I try to connect with printer I get various messages which essentialy say printer software can not find a printer on lpt1: I consulted with experts exchange and about a dozen experts could not solve the problem.Eventualy I gave up and ran Format C:.
I reinstalled software and the printer worked properly.
Now this morning the same thing has happened again.I have fitted a new printer cable and the printer runs self tests OK.I have removed and reinstalled the port and all my settings read OK.I removed printer software and drivers and when I ran install I get the message, 'Install was unable to locate your HP Deskjet 710C on any of your parallel ports'. However I was able to reinstall all software and drivers,but the copm can't communicate with the printer.
HELP.Jack Gruschow