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27-10-2005, 05:42 PM
Hi Team

bought myself a second hand hard drive and seemed okay after formatting. formatted fine. and then i transferred over some data to this new drive. then realised hmm need to put that data on another drive and and as i was transferring it to another drive , i kept getting a error reading data, cyclic redunancy error. The other incident was tried to open this new drive in my computer and it would hang for a few seconds before sayin error inpage operation. eventually it would open and after opening the folder on that drive that id just copied it didnt have all the files on it. eg, drive is 111 gig after formatting, copied over a 10 gig folder, drive would say 91 gig free, but right click on the folder and it would say only 5 gigs data in it and open and thats all it had in it, then go back in it and then it would say 10 gig in the folder and also open it and it would have all the missing files from before!

xp did a scandisk before loading windows and showed some data blocks or segments were unreadable.

take it this drive is buggered!!

27-10-2005, 05:53 PM
Run the manufacturers diagnostic proggy on the drive, if it passes low level format it.
If it doesn't pass, toss it.