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19-10-2005, 04:45 AM
Bit of a problem. I moved to China from the states and shipped my computer. Upon arrival, I switched the voltage on the back of my Dell to 230v. Next I hit the on button and nothing happens. All that happens is the orange light in front starts blinking slowly. When I keep pressing it, nothing happens. I hold for 5 seconds and the blinking stops. I press again and the blinking begins. I opened up my computer and I suspect someone may have opened my box and unplugged stuff. There is a green light lit on my motherboard. Also, there are a bunch of "P plugs". P1-P9. They are white and different sizes...all leading to the power source. The the heck is going on with my computer? It won't turn on, but I know there's power in there. Any remedies?


19-10-2005, 04:57 AM
Why do you suspect stuff was unplugged?

Have you checked that the power supply to the hard drive and motherboard are connected? Also the motherboard to hard drive connecter (usually a ribbon IDE cable) is attached?

Seeing as you still have Internet access, try Dell's website and see if you can find out what motherboard you have, and see if there's an online manual for it so you can check the appropriate connections.

Billy T
19-10-2005, 10:00 AM
There are usually a number of spare power supply plugs inside a computer. Unless there are an equivalent number of empty sockets I doubt that that is the problem.

How was it shipped and was it well packed in shock absorbent materials? It is more likely slightly dislodged plugs that are still connected, or physical damage. Even if your HDD was stuffed it should still run POST so it sounds very basic.

Presuming you mean mainland China, they do have a 220 volt 50 Hz supply so your input is correct. You could also check that it is not some aberrant area with 110 volt but I doubt it, only countries with strong US associations (trade or war) tend to use 110 volt 60 Hz.


Billy 8-{)

Graham L
19-10-2005, 01:11 PM
Have a good look inside. Wherever there's an empty socket, and a matching plug, make them acquainted again. There will be some sockets which don't have corresponding plugs, like the "extras" on the back of a CD drive, and maybe an IDE connector on the motherboard. It's quite normal to have a few spare power plugs (actually they are sockets because they come from the PSU, but they "look like" plugs.) It's possible with enough ingenuity to get the 4 wire power connections in backwards, but it is difficult. They are shaped to make it easier the right way. They still take a bit of force.

Make sure all plugs which are in are in ... push them to make sure.

Any plugin cards you might have shouldn't have fallen out ... but if they have, replace them.