View Full Version : MSN Connection problems with zone alarm

mister harbies
18-10-2005, 08:46 PM
Hi fellow F1ers,

I and a friend of mine both have zone alarm security suite 5.5 and both are having probelms connecting to MSN. I have MSN 7.5 and she 7.0.

We both allowed MSN full access in Trusted Zone and Internet Zone and also allowed MSN to send email. It basically has full access, but we still have problems connecting to MSN. :waughh:

My solution is to force MSN to shut sown while trying to connect, and then re-open MSN. Connection works perfectly everytime... but I can't continue to do this all the time.

There has to be solution such as modifying a config in zone alarm or a hacked file for MSN.

I tried searching online, but google is not being my friend. :annoyed: Maybe you have better luck? :help:

18-10-2005, 11:02 PM
From my firewall (Outpost) app rules, MSN messenger 7 sends and receives info on multiple ports.
Looking at my partners computer.. these ports are:
1863(t), 6901(t & u), 6891-6900(t), 3389[Remote Desktop Protocol](t), 1503(t), 5004-65535(u) ...
Then theres 7001(u), 3677(t), 3904(t), 2362(t) ... where t==tcp and u==udp

It also uses the SOCKS, FTP, HTTP,HTTPS, and PROXY connections
Maybe one or some of these are blocked (especialy the first group)