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28-10-2000, 03:27 PM
There is a folder on our Win95 computer called c:\windows\temp\. My problem is that it contains everything in the whole c:\ drive all over again (eg c:\windows\temp\windows\temp\windows\temp...), probably infinately over. When I want to search for a file in c:\, I can't because it does the windows folder first. When the antivirus program runs, it records this type of thing in its log:
Directory structure is not valid:
c:\WINDOWS\TEMP\WINDOWS\27272727272727272727272727 27272727272727272727272727272828282828282828282828 28282828282828282828282828282828292929292929292929 29292929292929292929292929292929292930303030303030 30303030303030303030303030303030303303033131313131 31313131.do

After waiting for it to count up, I find that c:\windows\temp contains 13.2GB in it. Did I mention that c:\ is has only 1.2GB?

Win95 with Active Desktop and IE5, IBM Antivirus for Win95 v2.5.1 (yes it's old), 16MB RAM, P133, with an unused 500MB slave as d:\.