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05-10-2005, 02:14 PM
Hi, i have been asked by a friend to look into making a website for a small new company. "If" i was to make it myself, which is still debateable, as i am definately no web expert, lol, but i am capable of making a website, i would probably be designing it in "Netobjects fusion 7".

The reason they are looking at this, is they previously hired a "webdesigner" who was supposed to handle everything (from domain to hosting etc...), but basically it has just turned into a disasterous experience for them and they are not using the guy/company anymore.

They have already got their domain name, so its really just down to getting the host sussed and page designed etc...

Anyway, their main needs are an "online shop" for their product, so they would like to be able to take orders online with c/crds etc... And - ease of use!

I am looking seriously at recommending they go with "Webfarm" - on the "Webfarm 100" plan, have discussed it via phone with Webfarm (who where excellent to deal with, by the way) - as Webfarm offer "Webfarm Shop", which would enable online sales etc... and appears to be a rather good system and extremely well priced. Another reason i like the look of Webfarm is it appears reasonably easy for a realatively non experienced user to use - which is the catergory they will come into.

Anyway, being new to this (the online cr/crd sales part), any Advice, experiences or tips would be greatly appreciated please.
In paticular i am keen to hear of anybody who has used Webfarm Shop (http://www.webfarm.co.nz/ecom/mvshop.mv#)


05-10-2005, 03:39 PM
Just some usefully links if you’re looking for hosts:





Hope this helps :)

Also if you need a hand with the web shop or the design of the site, let me know :), I would be happy to help.

05-10-2005, 03:55 PM
You will find Webfarm excellent to deal with. I don't have any experience of their shop system, but having dealt with them a while back, they were very good to work with - very down to earth people :)

05-10-2005, 05:28 PM
Thanks guys and thanks for the offer Stu, i will keep that in mind :).
I think at this stage i am pretty much sold on "webfarm" as the host (hope they will be too), i can't find any other host that remotely matches what they have on offer combined with the cost, add to that they are a NZ company and they designed the "Webfarm shop" inhouse too. Also as i stated earlier, i was impressed with the phone support, which is another biggee in my books :).

I would still be interested in hearing any experiences people have had using them and "webfarm shop" though.