View Full Version : headers on tv tuner board??

03-10-2005, 03:49 PM
i am trying to replace giga pocket tuner but i would like to still be able to use my front s-video, composite, and ilink (4 pin 1394).

these front connections hook into a header on the tv tuner board.

there is also a adtional 4 pin header on the tv tuner that connects to my mother board. this header, on the mother board is labed 1394a. (when connected a green led, located between pci slots on the mobo, lights up. even when the pc is off)

now, my delema is that i can not find a new tuner with both of these headers.
there are many out there that have the 4 pin connection that i speak of, yet none of them addvertise that it is present or note it in the specs, even when it is clearly present on the board. and this is NOT a four pin sound card connection.

futher more there are fair amount of tuners with the other header (off hand i dont know how many pins it is. but to me it seems there must 14. although i am not sure) and as with the unmentioned 4 pin header many of these a/v connectors are not being addvertised. with the exception of the wintv pvr-500. witch brings another point to my attention, Hauppauge manufactures many of the boards with this a/v header but they apear to only be addvertising it on the wintv pvr500