View Full Version : dipthong ? I think is the word

effie c
29-09-2005, 10:30 AM
Hi, :help:
Can anyone tell me how to
1 place a brevet over a letter,
2 move the key half a space to spell, sic, feotus or aegean- where the letters are back to back-----and I do not want to use the american spelling of fetus :waughh: :rolleyes:
effie c

29-09-2005, 10:53 AM
start --> run --> charmap


Try turning on Numlock and holding Alt while pressing the sequence 0 1 9 1

Things like that can make the chars also

effie c
29-09-2005, 11:05 AM
Hi Chilling Silence,
Well I will be damned- I vaguely knew of that window that came up - am not so sure at the extra effort to, I assume , insert it in my script ,but O K, I sure have learned something this cloudy day
Thank you
effie c