View Full Version : Webhosting - Traffic question.

John W
25-09-2005, 09:21 PM
Hi there.

When a webhost says they allow say 500Mb traffic, is that total incoming & outgoing.

I see there is about a 20 times multiplier to Site Disk space and Traffic, is this about normal.

What happens when you near your traffic limit, and what is the normal billing when you exceed your traffic limit.

Curious more than anything else.

Thanks.....................John in Mosgiel.

25-09-2005, 09:27 PM
Traffic includes everything, eg mail via the account, pings, uploading, downloading etc.

If your site is just a few pages brochure style site, with relatively little visitor numbers, then no problem. but add something like a forum, and it'll incur huge bandwidth.

Some hosts wil email you when you're near your bandwidth limit, but that's obviously dependent on the host themselves.

"Normal" billing for exceeded bandwidth again obviously depends on the host. I'm sure you can look at a few hosts and get a feel for it yourself.