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25-09-2005, 12:10 PM
I want to transfer MSWord files to another computer to access a laser printer. Acrobat is not available.

I understand that when MSWord files are opened on another computer the default setting of the client machine take precedence. This almost always leads to altered formatting and possible font substitution.

I accept it may be necessary to pre- load some fonts to avoid font substitution.

Is there a way of forcing a client computer to comply with the formatting of the original document ?

25-09-2005, 12:46 PM
Unless you have used fonts not normally available and specific to the authoring PC, there should be no problems whatever. As long as the version of Word on the target PC is equal to or later than the original PC.

You would have had to go out of your way deliberately to make the document(s) non compatable, or the target PC would have to have had fonts removed otherwise.

Default settings are not applied, the document margins/tabs/etc are transferred. Only if a non standard font was encountered would a substitution be made.

I have never encountered this, on any Word versions 95 through to 2003, but you may have some unique setups to have these concerns?

Graham L
25-09-2005, 02:37 PM
If you strike rpoblems, you could go back to the old way (and probably strike new problems. :()

You can install the driver for the particular printer on your own computer, then "Print to File". This gives you a file which is exactly what is normally sent to the printer. Take that file (which might be fairly big) to the other computer and do a command line copy /b myfile.prn LPT1: . Of course this only works if the printer is on the parallel port. ;) (Also, the "/b" -- binary -- option is necessary.)