View Full Version : Lost Disc Space Indication

09-12-1998, 06:01 PM
My computer is an Intel Pentium 200 with MMX, 64Mb RAM and 4.3Gb HHD.Running Windows 95. IT is 10 months old.
The problem I have although minor concerns me and I would appreciate help to solve it.
Until about 4 months ago I was able to click MY COMPUTER then right click C: DRIVE and from the drop down menu choose PROPERTIES, to obtain GENERAL dialog box. On this would be in the top half, used and free Hard Disc information in written form. The bottom half would show this diagrammatically with a disc indicating the used space in blue and the free space in pink.

This then changed. The disk did not show any used space. It shows only a pink disc. All the other information is still there. Is there a way to reinstate the used space on this hard disc diagram?

Robert Wright