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20-09-2005, 07:30 PM
Please excuse my boor English.

44 pin 2.5” to PC 40 pin IDE ( http://www.mycableshop.com/300x300/IDE4044_300.jpg ) internal and 2.5”/ 5.25" IDE to USB external kit (http://www.usbfirewire.com/Parts/rr-usb-usb2ide.html ). I lose this green part ( needed for notebook hard drives) from last product & because I was to lazy to shutdown the computer to use internal kit, I take the first product, plug it to the notebook HD & then connect the USB IDE cable as it would connect to usual 5.25” drive, unfortunately, I did not pay attention & connected one of the connectors (or bought) wrong because they fit every way. It did not work.. so I try every possible combination, not thinking that this could damage hard drive - & surprise surprise – it did! Now when I installed notebook hard drive back – notebook did not even recognize hard drive from BIOS & like this would not be enough I did same thing whit next hard drive (first I thought that hard drive stop working on different reasons).

Anyway, I hope/think that only the electronic is screwed on HD, or could this totally erase everything I had on HD? How good are my chances that if I buy new similar hard drive – I get it up & running after I replace the electronic part? HD do not have any clicking sound or anything, just seems dead. One is IBM other one is Samsung
If I can not find exactly same HD, what are most important parameters besides shape I should look ( Size, cylinders, LBA etc)?
Do I need to set jumpers on 2.5” while I working whit IDE to USB adapter?

Because I do not have manual for eighter of them, I wonder what is the correct way to connect them, internal one have on one side “B” on left & Nr “1 ->” with arrow on right, other side of “B” I have “R”, and second tool USB IDE have just arrow on left & right & that’s all. How should I connect it??

I am tech @ my self, and I would be interested to buy hard drive reaper / recovery hard and software, and maybe training, what tools should I look for? I have huge box full of broken hard drives where I would like to try to fix / recover on training purposes.

Professional data recovery is way to expensive, but about how much my notebook HD reaper would cost me? I have there some documents I would like to get back, around 3-4 Gigs.

Thanks !

20-09-2005, 07:41 PM
I have not used the USB to IDE adaptor but I have used the 44pin to 40pin adaptor and have also connected it the wrong way before, but it did not damage the drive, the computer would not boot up, it would turn on and wouldn't go through the POST.

If you connected the power the wrong way, that could be a problem.

Does the drive still spin?

I have heard about SpinRite from grc.com which was able to recover data off a drive that could not be seen by the BIOS, yet it may have still spun. Check that out, there could be other utilities around that does the same too.

I doubt anyone repairs the drive, the only feasible solution is to recover the data off that drive and put it on a new drive, in which a specialist may be required to do this and it's not cheap.



Phil B
20-09-2005, 08:34 PM
I had a drive pack up a few weeks ago, I tried spinrite & harddrive mechanic, neither worked in my case. I rang a data recovery crowd, you're looking at $1000 if they find they can recover anything, $100 or so just to look.

21-09-2005, 04:06 AM
Does the drive still spin?

it does when i use the usb power cable & power, but cant hear if it does spin in laptop, i'l go & chek out the grc.com

Thank You!