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16-09-2005, 03:18 PM
i made a post a while ago about my 486 laptop http://pressf1.pcworld.co.nz/showthread.php?t=61500 and i found out that the problem is that there is 1 partition 3 mb :( and 120 mb of unallocated space. im usin a dos bootdisk right now and whenever i try to run fdisk it says Incorrect DOS version what version of DOS do i need. ive got the 7.1 install disk but i cant install it cause theres not enough room and it doesnt have a partition manager. also in my other thread someone said the linux distros have one built it. what distro is it. all ive got is a floppy drive and a 123 mb hard drive. help please. all posts aprecciated even i cant spell it right.

Graham L
16-09-2005, 03:30 PM
FDISK wants the DOS it was packaged with. You must be booting "a" DOS to get that far; hasn't it got FDISK on its disk?

If you've got any sort of installation disk, you should be able to break out of the installation procedure if it doesn't give you a partitioning option. (Just use Ctrl/C until it gives up and gives you a prompt. ;)) Then use its copy of FDISK.

Any Linux installation CD has fdisk or cfdisk. The "live" CD versions will be almost as easy to use (because you'll have to start a terminal session). The Linux partitioners need to be told which hard disk to work on ... fdisk /dev/hda will probbaly be right for hou.

16-09-2005, 03:43 PM
Your hard drive capacity is on the minimal side, even for Linux. Only the highly manual distros like Slackware, Debian and the *BSDs will get a look-in on that laptop. But if you are persistent I recommend Slackware Linux and FreeBSD, as you can pick and choose what to install. You can use that laptop as a basic desktop, or as a network server.

Both Slackware and FreeBSD have the option of installing from floppies, or will boot with floppies and then install from ftp. Both will wipe and reformat the hard disk with the installation tools that come on floppies. See www.slackware.com and/or www.freebsd.org for installation and floppy-creation procedures.