View Full Version : RAID 0, 10, issue. Mixing SCSI with SATA?

03-09-2005, 12:18 PM

From my research I been looking into RAID-0 and later upgrading to RAID-10 to gain the mirroring ability.

The SCSI cards are PCI-X therefore I need a SLI motherboard? If I use one for a video card, the other can be used for the SCSI card right? I don't plan on doing so but that rules out SLI video cards right?

What is the difference between single channel and dual channel SCSI host adaptor? Single channel still support quite a couple of drives. With single channel am I able to host 2 or 3 logical drives - one for C:, one for D: Photohop scratch disk, and the 3rd for mirroring... Using RAID 10 layout. I hope to start off with RAID-0 for C:, then later upgrade 2 for photoshop and 2 for mirroring...

Instead of having 4 SCSI drives (ebay sourced which is quite similar to WD Raptor's pricetag) for RAID-10. Is it possible to use 2 SCSI drives and (1) or (2) SATA for mirroring and still maintain performance?