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31-08-2005, 04:08 PM

I am building a new box for my Photoshop/image editing work. The planned specs so far are P4 630 cpu, Gigabyte 81945P Pro mobo, Gigabyte X700 128mb video, 2 GB DDR2 533 SDRAM, XP Pro.

I want to nail down data security/ backup issues. I have a lot of files that are 'work in progress' as well as the everchanging Outlook contacts & emails.

My first thought was to set up two 300 GB hd's in Raid 1, with occaisional backups to an external drive of the crucial files.

But now I'm wondering if it might be an option to just have one HDD, and use mirror software to keep data copied on an external drive. This would make it easier to transfer data to another pc if needed, and also could lend itself to rotating two or more external drives with one off site.

The more I think about, the more I go around in circles. My main aim is to keep the data secure, and have minimal down time if a drive (or other component dies) so I can get back to work asap.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated

Bill Irwin

31-08-2005, 05:23 PM
I'll leave the better comments for someone who knows a lot more than I do about RAID, but please don't dismiss RAID so easily. There are a few different variations on RAID.

I use 4 200gig HD's on RAID 0+1 array: 4 200gig HD's on JBOD and 1 40gig for my OPSYS. I have run successfully for a few years now, and although I had a lot of misunderstanding about the system and seeing that it was set up by my 2 'puter savy sons, I never questioned the setup.

There have been some really good thoughts put out in this forum about RAID arrays, and I think it is behoovant to listen to several comments before you decide what you are going to use in the end. :nerd:

31-08-2005, 05:50 PM
Thanks for the quick reply Joe, I'll dig in to RAID a bit deeper.. don't know if I want to involve 4 HD's though, but apparently there are many more options than I thought.