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29-08-2005, 11:53 PM
I have a few questions about the iPod photo 20GB shown here. (http://www.dse.co.nz/cgi-bin/dse.storefront/4312e8a10aa5aad82740c0a87f990777/Product/View/A2404?id=ga)

I already use Itunes to organise my music, so that is why I am looking at an iPod.

I was wondering whether the ipod could be used as a portable hard drive (e.g. it shows up as a removable drive when plugged in, and I can use it to save files other than pictures and mp3s, such as .pub and .exe)?

Speedy Gonzales
30-08-2005, 12:30 AM
Dont know about the 20 GB, but u can use the 40 GB as a portable hdd. And yup it'll get recognised as a removable disk in XP / My computer.

And yup, it should be able to hold files, pics, mp3s etc.

BUT I wouldnt use it to install an operating system on. It wouldnt be too healthy for it.

And u can also save contacts from Outlook/ any email programs that support the vcard extension. Again not sure if the 20 GB can. BUT should be able to.

If you dont buy anything or use Podcasting thru Itunes, you could use Winamp and a plugin, for the MP3's.

They do exactly the same thing, besides the Podcasting and buying of MP3's

And its smaller.

30-08-2005, 01:35 AM
I have the 20GB (18.5 GB formatted ) 'non-photo' G4 iPod, and yes, I use it as a removeable hard drive. All that was required was a simple preference change in itunes.
What you sacrifice is the automatic eject function that 'disconnects' the ipod when it is finished updating from itunes. Instead the iPod appears in Windows explorer as another drive, and when I am ready to unplug it I click on the 'manual' eject button in itunes.


Speedy Gonzales
30-08-2005, 11:39 AM
My computer, if u use XP also has an eject option, when u click on the right mouse.

Which also works with the Ipod. (And other removable disks - usb keys etc).

I dont use Itunes, but had it installed to enable the hdd side of it. Then removed Itunes and use Winamp, and the Ipod plugin.

And then created a shortcut for it on the desktop with an Ipod icon.

The eject option appears under both.

30-08-2005, 12:28 PM
On saturday my wife and I got an iPod mini each from harvey norman, the 2nd generation mini with the 18 hr battery... any way yesterday I forgot to take my USB stick to work and used my iPod. Every machine I plugged it into it just showed up as a drive.

30-08-2005, 02:43 PM
YES, or you could save yourself some money and get the non photo one which they are fazing out about $389 off hand..dick smiths have them

30-08-2005, 09:12 PM
What happens if you disconnect the iPod without pressing Eject beforehand?

Speedy Gonzales
30-08-2005, 09:15 PM
It may corrupt it, like any other removable disk. If u dont eject it.

And you may have to reformat it.

30-08-2005, 09:39 PM
What happens if you disconnect the iPod without pressing Eject beforehand?

Well, splatman. you get clear warnings as to when you can and cannot disconnect. In fact it is a bit safer than with a flashdrive because you are reactive rather than proactive !

Re Plod comment - Harvey Norman also had the 20 Gig version for about NZ$380 for clearing outdated stock, though they have probably sold them all by now !

In the booklet they specifically say that you can use it to backup data etc. This includes photos, though of course you cannot view them on the iPod screen because not in colour. That is why the non-colour are now a lot cheaper.
Misty :)