View Full Version : HP Plotter on the blink

24-08-2005, 09:26 AM

Got some problems with our HP DesignJet 755CM at work. This is our plotter for printing A2-A0 size sheets. The problem being it wont work!

It is a networked printer (accessible to about 40 terminals). Printer status varies between "Ready" & "Opening" and is also able to be accessed via our main server, but it still seems unable to print. The only way it will occassionally print is by selecting print, then turning printer off, then selecting print again which just ends up being frustrating.

Sent it away a month ago to be serviced etc and came back with the all clear but that is far from true. This leads me to believe it is something to do with network settings. Going to look for some driver updates for it but other than that I dont know!

Anything I can try?


24-08-2005, 09:50 AM
Rather than sending it away, it should really be checked by a technician on-site, such that any localised causes can be eliminated. I'd suggest swapping the network card with a compatible network card from a similar device to see if that is what is playing up - I've seen similar issues before. I presume you can ping the printer from the server and the terminals? Does it have a serial / parallel port? If so, hook it directly into one of the PC's and see if the issue disappears - this will tell you if it is a network issue.