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effie c
20-08-2005, 11:05 AM
I have just returned from a friend's M E edition computer- among other things I had to install Spy bot and found 190 intrusions she knew nothing about.- this shows how naive she is- as she had Ad Aware and AVG but still got loaded with a trojan let alone a multitude of other nasties.
Now I see she has to use "active desktop" to operate and after rebooting comes up with a white screen-i e minus her wallpaper.
She maneouvres out and eventually gets what she wants BUT
long ago I too had trouble with "active v inactive desktops" and for the life of me cannot remember what to do in getting rid if active and the resulting regular problems I had been having -
Can anybody help ---preferably with basic Kiwi english so I can e mail it to her
I have searched FAQ to no avail

effie c

Speedy Gonzales
20-08-2005, 11:17 AM
Having Adaware or AVG or any other spyware/virus protection, doesnt mean you wont get spyware or a trojan.

They wont protect u if u dont use them, or if they're installed and u do nothing with them.

Active desktop is the blue screen for the net isnt it?? The option is under properties on the desktop. Can't u just select a wallpaper if she wants one on the desktop??

effie c
20-08-2005, 11:27 AM
Hi S G,
No she can navigate to her wall paper- but why the need to each time?
and as I said I have had trouble with active v inactive etc and I had to get right away from this so called active- but with my great age I cannot remember why or what to do now- I know active caused me problems
As to the trojan we got rid of it one way or another- and I NEVER have that problem with my protection- using all the above programs- that is not the problem now, but was used to show how ignorant she/ me are about this white screen etc
effie c

20-08-2005, 11:40 AM
If she is using jpg's as wallpaper from the Display Properties > Background, then Active Desktop needs to be activated. If she changes to a bmp image then you can disable Active Desktop. Not sure if there is a workaround for this which allows jpg's as wallpaper without having Active Desktop on.

effie c
20-08-2005, 02:15 PM
Thank you Jen- I have e mailed that answer of yours to her.
I also have just come off the phone to her from telling her what a completely unexpected visit by one of the now grown up "boys" who taught me- and I asked him about that plus the white screen- he said the white screen was because the 'pooter had not been shut down according to windows sequences required- so hopefully I have done my duty and got everybody away laughing
Thanks anyway
effie c