View Full Version : Unexpected shutdowns

12-10-2000, 09:45 PM
Some months ago, I had my hard disk replaced (for 'cancer') and the Ram increased. On its return from the shop, the computer would suddenly turn itself off, sometimes in the middle of a programme, or on start-up, sometimes several times in succession, sometimes after several normal days of use. Back to the shop, where it was 'benched' for a couple of days, no defect found, and came home again in its box on the back seat of my car. The shop staff said they were baffled. Questions were asked of anyone, experts or novices, even F1, without enlightenment. A programme was installed to check on the CPU temperature, plugs and wall switches were examined for 'sparking', all to no avail. Then a friend came by who knew enough about CPU's to remove the cover, and he went over every board and made sure each was firmly embedded in its socket. I've had two months trouble-free --even tho' said friend is still sceptical that he 'fixed' the problem. The theory he offered is that the slight rocking of the CPU in the back seat of the car during its 30 minute journeys from the shop must have slightly dislodged either the new HD or the RAM. Sounds obviously simple. Whatever the answer, I relate this experience in case others have had the problem.