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14-08-2005, 10:14 PM
For sometime I have been looking for a simple solution for recording audio to an Apple computer without buying a separate device to amplify the signal into the self powered audio jack (the device needs to be self powered).

I think I may have found it. I read online... about the PS2 Popstar microphone and how you can plug it in (USB) and it works. Well I asked at a gaming store and they said that you cannnot buy the mics separate from the game. So I gave up thinking about it.

Well... what do you know... in Noel Leeming I saw... not one but two Popstar mics in one packet for like $70 bucks. I didn't buy them cause I'm a chicken. They only had one packet so I might end up a loser.

Are there anymac users who could test this idea... using a Popstar mic via usb to record audio. Does it need a separate amplifying device? Or will it work right of the bat?
Does it record in garageband etc?

The built in mic... bytes!

16-08-2005, 06:35 PM
The comments on this Apple Blog (http://www.theappleblog.com/2005/04/21/usb-microphone-converter/) look promising for it working. :)

Andrew B
16-08-2005, 09:05 PM
To try before you buy, you could hire the game from a video hire shop, it comes with the microphones.

16-08-2005, 09:13 PM
Myke, the blog that Jen suggested looks interesting. It may solve your problem, if you can get one.

You ask about recording "Audio" . Is the audio monaural from a mike, or stereo from other sources?

Although I use a PC & PC soundcards, I've taken an interest in the Macs.
They are very different. The Mac soundcard has two sockets. One for input & one for output. The input needs about 100millivolts. Thats more than a mike can provide, and so a preamp is required. Well, you knew all that. But if the input is from other sources like line output from players etc, then it may work OK.

More than that, the plug to insert in a Mac is very different than the standard 3.5mm as used for PC's & other audio gadgets. It is longer. It has 4 connections that are: Ground: 5v dc: L audio: R audio..

What I am saying is that, depending on your requirements, you may be able to construct a preamp & wire it to the Mac style plug. Dickie Smith has several kits to construct mono & stereo preamps that could boost your mike level to the 100mv needed for the Mac card. Of course you need to be handy with A soldering iron..

If you need details of the Mac plug connections give me a call.

17-08-2005, 11:33 PM
If you need details of the Mac plug connections give me a call.
Cheers Bazza, I'm a PC user myself... however as a ICT Teacher I also use whatever is being used by my school, on this occassion Apples.
The lack of a standard mic jack has frustrated me for sometime. Thanks for the explanation, I'll forward this onto the guys at Apple in Auckland to get their thoughts. However I wish that they would just pop in a standard mic jack.

I spoke with an Apple manager today, he spoke with meabout iMic... which has two mic or line in jacks... However it has latency issues if recording say with music. They have suggested a $200 gizmo.

I think that I will ask for a student to bring in popstar mic for me to test.
I'll test it on my notebook too.

I'll let you folks know how it works. The Apple engineers didn't know if popstar would work. Obvoiusly no singing talent there. I thought that they were suppose to be the creative ones.

I think that was the blog I found several months back.
Anyway thanks folks.