View Full Version : Date Format incorrect in Access

08-12-1998, 01:07 AM
I have a problem whereby, dates show incorrectly if the day is less than 13.. My system date is set correctly but Access shows the date 12/06/1998 in Medium format as 6th Dec 1998.. I am Updating a field using VBA and an SQL, which is as follows
Private Sub Form_AfterUpdate()
Dim strSQLQuery As String
strSQLQuery = 'UPDATE tblMembers SET [DateLastModified] = #' & Now() & '#_ WHERE MemberID = ' & Me![MemberID] & ';'
' Execute the query.
Application.SetOption 'Confirm Action_ Queries', False
DoCmd.RunSQL strSQLQuery
Application.SetOption 'Confirm Action_ Queries', True
End Sub

This is run using the afterupdate event on the form.

I would like to know if anyone could help me get the date format correctly showing the date.