View Full Version : AOL - aim mail, changing details

09-08-2005, 03:58 PM
Hi All
Somehow or other i ended up with an AOL .aim account (no idea how, might be related to my old .netscape.net acc),
but anyway i need to change my details, as in my location currently set as LA 90210,

I changed it last week to see if i could get some free tunes from itunes but it didn't work, so now i want to change it back, But I can't find where to do it, last week it was nice and simple this week i can't seem to find the "my account" or "my details" that I am sure was there last week, there is a "my AOL but that is something different"

Any help much appreciated, as the help section is very detailed on setting up mail and folders, but doesn't seem to mention this little bit