View Full Version : laptop bios

09-10-2000, 10:11 PM
i have an old 486 acer laptop running windows 3.1,i got it from a friend,the problem i have is when it boots up it asks for a boot disk,which i used the one of my win 95 computer and it booted into dos,but it just wont boot straight from the c drive,the c drive is working fine ,i can do a dir on it and scandisk showed no problems.so i thought it may be the bios telling it to boot straight from the floppy but i cant get into the bios,i know there are some trick with laptops but i have tried all the f1-f12 keys but with no luck.

can anybody suggest anything to get me into the bios.

my laptop is a acernote 730i.help me please.

thanks james