View Full Version : Loading CD ROM drivers for Win 95 install

09-10-2000, 10:58 PM
A friend of mine has an old 486 - 16MB of RAM that he is trying to install Win 95 on.

He has used the Win 98 start-up disc from his main computer to start up the computer with CD ROM support in an attempt to install Win95 from the Win 95 CD ROM.

Unfortunately the CD ROM doesn't respond to the drivers on the Win 98 start-up disc and won't start up.It gives an error message, when the command 'setup' is entered at the 'A' prompt.

It is not the CD ROM as he has tried another CD ROM unit in the machine. This also won't start using the drivers on the Win 98 start-up disc.

I was under the impression that the Win 98 disc would start up most CD ROM units, especially his fairly new one out of his other computer.

Presumably it is something to do with not having the appropriate drivers loaded for the CD ROM.
Does anyone have any ideas as to how he can get the appropriate drivers loaded so he can run the CD ROM?

Unfortunately he lives some distance away and we are communicating by telephone on the problem which makes it a bit tricky. I don't know too much else about the internals of the computer.

I do know that he formatted the hard drive (format C: /S) beforehand.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Apologies if the problem description appears a bit vague.

Darryl Lennane