View Full Version : MS Frontpage 03, can locate Templates

John W
28-07-2005, 01:22 PM
Hi there.

I chose the Full install of MS Frontpage, but cant locate the expected MS Templates that usually come with MS Products.

Ive typed Templates into the Help box, I get either a Powerpoint Presentation of Frontage, or a link to aftermarket commercial suppliers of Templates.

Can someone please advise where I can locate these templates.

ALSO - Of the two pages I created, I couldnt undim the View / Folders Hyperlink etc. I know I have to tick/Untick something on the Tools / options, but what?

Thanks in anticipation....

John W in Mosgiel.

28-07-2005, 03:57 PM
Been Here...Done this too!

If you really want to know in a rather dirty way if there are templates in your install, I find mine all the time in my Picasa files. I just let Picasa find them and I am sure that I have them then.

It seems that one cannot keep Picasa from finding any sort of displayable file in your system anyway. Then the real job is deleting them from Picasa..but not from the whole hard drive! :angry