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27-07-2005, 09:31 PM
Hi, I'm a newbe to this forum, but it comes highly recommended, so hopefully someone can help me.... about 2 weeks ago we bought a new HP windows XP computer, the DVD player doesn't play any dvd's except one out of the nutrigrain packet...we put the dvd's in ( not copied disc's) the cover said (2,4) PAL and the message box said there was no dvd in E drive...so we tried the nutrigrain one and it worked...HP are saying that the zone thing is set on a different zone and locked in and can't be changed ever....
Now I know they don't have crystal balls and I need to take the tower in to Harvey Norman but before I trapse into the city I thought someone had some ideas, please make instructions simple as although I can find most on a computer I am a novice at heart.
Cheers :help:

27-07-2005, 10:30 PM
where did the dvds that won't play come from?
from the US I'm guessing?
as far as hp saying the drive region can't be changed that's bollocks
any drives region can be changed but that is sometimes only part of the mission, as there may be windows and players region settings to be altered as well.
you must be careful if you want to change the region settings on the drive itself as usually you only get 4 or 5 changes and then it's locked forever.
having said that there are a couple of ways around that as well if you know what you're doing
i'm not going to tell you how to do it as you may not know enough to get yourself out of trouble, and there is a risk you could kill your drive altogether if you get it wrong
but no doubt someone else will tell you (can almost guarantee who it will be as well)
only do it if you are prepared to replace the drive if you kill it (worst case scenario of course)
i've done it a number of times with no problems

27-07-2005, 11:41 PM
Thanx Bartsdadhomer,
I will not do anything to muck around with the computer..I will heed your warning...but I feel a bit better that is may not be lost...as for the DVD's they are from a friend who bought them over from Aussie , they are in their original cases , I will take the puter in to the retailer and see what happens...I just get a bit annoyed when you spend heaps on something and it doesn't work...
B :)