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26-07-2005, 03:57 PM
I previously posted a similar post but that resolved itself. It has now reappereared in a different format

I have an 80GB SATA drive partitioned into two NTFS partitions. I use Partition Magic to do the partitioning and Acronis as my backup software.

Partition 1 is C: drive - XP Home.
Partition 2 contains a duplicate of C: (to be able to test new programs and drivers etc.). The duplicate is created by restoring a backup to the unallocated partition.

Partition 2 becomes G: drive (I have a data drive with 3 partitions D, E & F) and if I make it visible and use XP's own boot.ini file to switch between the partitions, everything works fine.

However I don't want the two partitions visible. I could go into detail if you really want, but essentially if the two drives see each other, other software clashes. So I make partition 2 hidden, remove the drive letter and alter the boot.ini file so that it thinks that there is only one drive.

Now if I use a 3rd party boot program (in this case PQ boot) it makes partition 2 active and hides partition 1. Partition 2 is now effectively C: drive.

This worked for a while but if I then wipe the 2nd partition and install a new copy (from a backup), when the reboot takes place I get an error message "autochk program not found, Skipping Auto Check". It reboots and tries again always with the same result. It loops contiuously until I use a rescue disk to make partition 1 active again. FSISK tells me that the 2nd partition is active but I think it is seeing the first partition.

I have looked at the registry and yes there is an entry with autochk * at the appropriate place.

I asked Acronis who say it is a problem withPQboot and Norton's say that it is a driver issue and to contact Microsoft.

Does anyone have an answer?

Graham L
26-07-2005, 04:10 PM
I think you are playing with fire with this sort of thing. Possibly reinstalling the boot manager after any major alteration (like "wipe[ing] the 2nd partition and install[ing] a new copy") would help.

But it's likely to be flakey anyway. Some people like living dangerously. :)

26-07-2005, 09:15 PM
Nothing like a bit of danger lol

Trouble is it worked perfectly for years with WIN 98. It is only since the change to WIN XP it hasn't worked.

I know other people have 2nd aprtitions for testing software etc, how do they do it??

Speedy Gonzales
26-07-2005, 09:36 PM
They usually do a clean install XP and partition the hdd thru the XP setup screen.

Check out this forum


27-07-2005, 11:31 PM
This is a new install of XP on a new computer. The partions were set up using PArtition Magic and a copy of XP installed on both.

The boot swapping worked well until I wiped the second partition and put a new one on.

I read the thread you gave. There are two fixes mentioned - deleting a Microsoft hotfix but, I don't have that on my PC anyway.

The other is using ptedit.exe to change the partition type from hex 0x17 to hex 0x07.

I ran this and although I wasn't sure what I was looking at, I certainly found a box which said '17'. I changed this to 07 but still didn't fix the problem.

When I think about ptedit some more, I could be mistaken but I think '17' means hidden and '07' means visible.

As I mentioned before when both partitions are visible there is no difficulty. However with both partitions visible, Zone Alarm doesn't work properly. It loses its program permissions (see another post of mine).

Therefore one partition must be hidden at all times. PQBoot is designed to do this. If you are in the first partition and you run it, you can set the second partition active and it automatically hides the first partition and vice versa.

So back to square one and not knowing what is causing it

02-08-2005, 03:44 PM
Go figure this one

I found I already had ptedit and a windows based version, because I have Partition Magic.

I spent hours playing around and eventually decided to restore an earlier backup (probably a month old).

I restored the same copy to both Partition 1 and Partition 2 and booted between them without any problems. I then slowly reinstalled everything that I had done over the previous month, continually taking backups of Partition 1 and restoring them to Partition 2. Every time it booted to the second drive OK.

Now I am up to date and it works fine. So what caused it?

I don't know but thanks for those that offered help