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24-07-2005, 05:50 AM
Ok so i turn off my computer to go to a friends to watch a movie, and like 2 hours later i come back press my computer's power button.... nothing, so i try again and still nothing.

I have removed a side panel of my computer so that i could have a miniature fan blowing into the computer because my computer gets really hot. The deal with this fan is that sometimes it leans on my computers frame and starts shaking it a little bit so i think it is possible that it vibrated my computer so much that something came out.

It was working PERFECTLY before i left, i tried turning off the power bar it is connected to and turning it on again, fooling around with the power switch on the back of my computer and nothing is working for me. I took a peek inside my computer and nothing appears to be disconnected or hanging but i dont know anything about the interiors of computers so im afraid to touch anything, and my Dad who does know alot about that stuff is coming home from work late and i dont really want to wait for him.

By the way i am running windows XP if that helps at all and i can provide some other info with my severly limited knowledge of computers, also there is a little green light that is always on inside of my computer, which is still on so i think its at least recieveing power.


24-07-2005, 08:16 AM
You might've shaken something loose, but if it were me, I would try this first.

I would reset the bios back to default. It's easy to do..but let's see if there are any other opinions here before you do it my way. (I have a back-up 'puter, and if I screw up bad enuff, I can still get things done..that may not be your situation though)

That little light (an LED) is the "Bios alive" light in my terms. It generally tells you that the board should be capable of booting and doing all sorts of 'puter things because it has power and memory, but not necessarily the ability run. It might just be confused by the wrong shutdown proceedure or a power glitch at the wrong time or a virus.

OK...here's my opinion..but again, wait till you hear if it's the right thing to do for you. THERE WILL BE OTHER OPINIONS AND POSTS BY OTHERS TO HELP YOU.

The first thing I try is to drain the BIOS by pulling the power cord from the back of the tower, and then press and hold the "ON" switch untill the little light goes out. Wait a few minutes after releasing the button and then plug the tower back in and try to boot again. If it works now, what you did was reset the BIOS to a default setting.

If it did no good, or it didn't even make the little green light go out, my next suspicion is the power switch. They have been known to fail.

I am sure there will be other posts, so wait a while b4 you try anything to get a consensus from the rest of the people here...many are much more knowledgeable on hardware than I.

Try to send some more info about the 'puter itself..what type? age? model?

Speedy Gonzales
24-07-2005, 08:18 AM
Yup, that green LED if that motherboard is an ASUS, (some other mobos may have this LED, I dont know), is telling u there's power going to it.

So whatever has happened, it cant be that bad. Can you (or did you) smell anything like smoke anywhere?? What kind of PC is it? P4? AMD? Do you know?

The power button (on the front of the case maybe stuck). I know this can happen with some cases. Its happened here before. You could try shorting the pins on the motherboard (which say PWR/Ground - with a screwdriver).

The wires to this will be coming from the front of the case, (from the power button), to a row/set of pins going to the mobo.

If it goes then, then the button on the front of the case is definitely stuck.

Does the power button (when u pressed it) feel as tho its sticking?

24-07-2005, 09:34 AM
My advice would be to get your Dad to try out speedy's suggestions with the shorting of the pins. You would have to be careful you were shorting out the correct pins otherwise you may cause damage to the board. The lit up LED shows that the motherboard is receiving power at least.

I would also look at sorting out your heat issues if the PC requires an external fan blowing into the case to maintain temperatures. Installing additional case fans and tidying up cables to ensure a good airflow within the case can help for starters. :)

24-07-2005, 09:39 AM
If its so hot you are using this fan, then it could be an overheating issue. Leaving the side off stuffs up the airflow anyway but it sounds as if you don't have any.
What is hot - the CPU? Or the whole thing in general? You can replace the stock CPU cooler with one that performs better and as Jen says, tidy up your cables - DSE sells cable ties to help you do that.
And add a fan either at the front or side (depending on your case) sucking in and one at the back sucking out. Or change the case entirely if it is one of the hot cramped things like HP uses.

Speedy Gonzales
24-07-2005, 09:46 AM
Also, if this is an ASUS mobo, if the power button is stuck some ASUS motherboards, (if you're using a PS/2 keyboard), have an option in the BIOS, which let u turn the system on by pressing a key on the keyboard. (power on via the keyboard). I use this option on these.

This saves me pressing the buttons on these cases all the time, and stuffing up the power button on the case! And it saves me walking around the corner to turn the PC's on.

BUT, if you're using a USB keyboard, then this option wont work.

It only works for PS/2 keyboards.

I would also check the power connections going to the cd/hdd etc. See if they're in properly.

I've had this prob before, on this, with one of the power adapters coming out, (one of the pins on the adapter weren't making contact I think), and this PC wouldnt boot. I had to open the case and push it in properly.

BUT all is OK now.

24-07-2005, 04:24 PM
Okay im running an ASUS p4 mother board for all the people that were asking

The part of my computer getting over whelmingly hot was the top of the back of my computer, my tower is on the floor of my room and i sometimes rest my feet on it, and it would literaly start to burn me if i left my feet on long enough, i think that my power supply might have died on me, are new power supplies very exensive?

24-07-2005, 04:38 PM
The top rear of your case is where your power supply is located. If it got so hot as to burn your feet, then that suggests the power supply cooling fan had died. This can lead to the supply dying from overheating. It is entirely possible that this has happened to your computer now, despite the motherboard power LED indicating some power is still being received. You may find that the power supply cannot supply enough power now to start the boot process.

Try a different power supply. Even if it is not your power supply that has burnt out, it will still need some investigating to why it gets so hot.

New power supplies are not that expensive, but you do get what you pay for quality wise. Don't get any unit under 300W.