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23-07-2005, 12:35 PM
Help needed please. I think I have a/some corrupt file[s] that need repairing. I cannot delete anything from my hard drive. When I try to delete any file/folder by R click - delete or drag any file/folder from the desk top to the recycle bin I get the following error message [ after the normal "File Confirm Delete" message] with a white cross in a red circle:
< Cannot Delete [ name of file/folder]. Cannot find the specified path . Make sure you specify the correct path.>
I get the same message for all attempted deletions. Unfortuately my desk top, My Documents etc are becoming overloaded with junk while my Recycle bin remains empty.
My OS is W98SE. Running Scan disk finds nothing wrong on the hard drive. Thanks for any suggestions.

23-07-2005, 01:32 PM
This behavior can occur if the Recycle Bin has become corrupted


23-07-2005, 06:01 PM
Thanks Godfather
Have downloaded and saved the website you have pointed me to. I've followed the instructions but in Dos I get a message after typing <" Bad Command or File Name> I must be doing something wrong I presume everything I type is case sensitive and spaces etc are critical. Anyway I'll keep trying. I appreciate your help.

23-07-2005, 06:28 PM
It is not case sensitive.

It is space sensitive.

Looking at the MS instructions its possible that you are typing the "," comma shown - don't.

Its punctuation only, not part of the command.
The full stop is part of the command though.
Microsoft assume a basic understanding of DOS will be heldby those using the instructions I guess, its a bit careless of them as shown.

Hopefully the effort below will help - I can't test it as I do not have that version of Windows. The word "space" is where you need to insert a space.

1. Click Start, point to Shutdown, and then click Restart to MS-DOS.
2. Type CD\ and then press ENTER.
3. Type CD space RECYCLED and then press ENTER.
4. Type ATTRIB space -r space -s space -h space info2.* and then press ENTER.
5. Type DEL space INFO2 and then press ENTER.

If you still get the "bad command" error, please tell us -exactly- where in the process you get it.

24-07-2005, 01:23 PM
Thanks godfather. you are very longsuffering.
As soon as get into dos I have showing <C:/ > I'm not sure where to enter my first line of instructions in relation to this -immediately after or spaced? If I try to enter my instructions on a new line and press <Enter> I get another line beginning with <C:/ > again, so I can't avoid this C drive intrusion coming at the beginning of typing the instructions. Thanks for your patience

24-07-2005, 05:20 PM
The "dos prompt" of C:/> shows that you are in DOS and at the root directory.

That is what the command "CD\" and pressing the enter key also ensures, that you are starting from C:/.
In your case its probably a redundant command but included for those where they may be left by DOS at a point in the directory structure other than C:\

But after entering "CD\" you certainly should have a prompt of C:/> on screen

Its not an "intrusion", its the way DOS works. You are never left with a balnk screen, you will always have the dos prompt showing just where you are.

No space is required from the DOS prompt C:\ before entering the command, but any space would probably be ignored anyway.

24-07-2005, 09:47 PM
Thanks Godfather for your clear explanation. It's probably a spacing problem but now I'm sure I'll get it sorted thanks to you