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17-07-2005, 04:18 AM
Hi. This has been bugging me for a while, and since I have nothing to do right now, I figure I'll try and get the CD burner working

It's a Sony 52x32x52 Cd-RW drive on it's own IDE channel that I got at the beginning of the year. When I first installed it (replacing a 52x CD-ROM) it burned happily at 52x. But since then I've formatted the hard drive and reloaded Windows, just to realise that it only wants to go up to 40x. This happens in both Nero and Alcohol 120%. The same software and drivers were installed the same way both when I first got it, and after the format. I've tried updating Nero from 6.generic to the latest version to no avail (I do get some nice features that the OEM originally didn't have though :D). Since it's burned at 52x before, I don't want to update the firmware. I haven't tested it under Xandros (Would do a fat load of good, the OCE edition only burns up to 4x so can't test there :annoyed:

So, does anybody know of some sort of fix that might work, or has experienced this problem before?

Sony CRX230AD CD-RW 52x32x52 CD-RW Drive Master on IDE Channel 2
Windows XP Home SP2
Integrated IDE Controller

Thanks, Edward

17-07-2005, 04:54 AM
SOMETIMES, the disc itself will dictate the speed at which it can be written or read too. Did you change brands? That makes a difference...and as I have the same SONY 52x24x52, I see that situation all the time..

Discount cd's are slower than more expensive ones, and CD-RW's are slower too.

17-07-2005, 10:06 AM
52x is the maximum speed. The burner starts around 24x at the centre and finishes at 52x at the outer edge. The average speed is about 40x. Maybe it's a difference in whether the software is reporting average or max speed. The drive won't spin fast enough to average 52x.

17-07-2005, 11:04 AM
Remember that Nero doesnt tell you the _true_ burn speed like K3b would, it tells you the 'expected' speed, the speed 'it should burn at because you clicked on the corresponding number before hitting burn'.

Sadly thats not the case.

Try a different media perhaps, as has been suggested. Also, you might wanna try getting the registry patch that Ive heard of that shows the realtime burn speed so you can see just _what_ its doing.

17-07-2005, 11:15 AM
Purchase media formulated for your drive and application.
Use higher rated drives.
Be cognizant of how the discs are created.
Burn discs using the lower 1/3 of the drives writing ability.
Label and care for your discs appropriately.

CD Speed, an application from Nero/Ahead Software is a free download www.cdspeed2000.com

CD/DVD Diagnostic from Infinadyne www.infinadyne.com

Exact Audio Copy www.exactaudiocopy.de

Ex google.

Graham L
17-07-2005, 03:55 PM
Nero is telling me that it's burning at 12X (and probably is) with 52X CD-Rs on a 52X drive. It might do that because the first disk I fed it was a 12X CD-RW, and it does a medium check the first time it is run.

17-07-2005, 06:07 PM
I was sure it did a media check each time you threw a disc in the drive.

If you make a compilation and hit the icon of a CD with a Match next to it, it'll give you the new dialog box asking you the speed settings, if you want to close the disc etc.
Insert a disc now and it'll pause for a sec while it analyses the disc speed and will adjust accordingly the settings available for burn speeds