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effie c
14-07-2005, 03:29 PM
I downloaded Java and got it working O K
then found though I had designated which hardrive it was to be installed in -it in fact installed in my C drive when I wanted it in D drive ( I have to equal space usuage in my somewhat limited storage.)
I then copied and supposedly installed that in D drive then went to delete it from C drive-it says there was a file missing ie HOTKEY_LOCAL_machine\software -----etc
I seached in regedit and there is the file alright - question how do I get the computer to recognise that ?
I have tried uninstalling preparatory to a fresh download /install but error comes up there so I get knowwhere. I am now stuck between two hardrives and this supposedly curable problem.
can anybody advise please
effie c

Murray P
14-07-2005, 03:35 PM
Java, like any programme, you can't just copy it from one place to the other and expect it to work. You'll have to find the registry key that points Windows at the intalled folder and edit it to reflect the new situation, even then it may not work. It may be the one you have aready found, but I do not know what it is you have to edit to make the changes work. Anyone else know?

The other thing you could try is an uninstaller utility or a registry cleaner then reinstall it.

effie c
14-07-2005, 05:05 PM
Hi Murry P--
thank you - more so than you think- yes I had ended up by starting on my already thinning hair, as I stated recently -"I can get myself out of the pooh " HA !!! not this time- my ego has taken a hammering.
I got a brilliant thought and plagiariing the old hymn--"what a friend we have in-----systems restore"-- it worked by going back to Tuesday and thank God I am up and running.
I used to have Java but never missed it but a friend tried his newly set up 'pooter and it would not open a jigsaw-"would I try the site"- I did and got the same result- but as I used to have the program ---where was it- so I downloaded it and as I stated set it to go to my D Drive but somehow this was overuled and I loaded an already loaded h/d unnecessarily - hence the try to move it
I think I wil rejoice that Mr Bill has produced a very very handy repair in sytems restore and be very low key for a while
Effie c

Murray P
14-07-2005, 08:37 PM
Good to hear. :thumbs: