View Full Version : MS Flight Sims & Joystick probs

Tony S.
10-07-2005, 09:09 PM
Greetings all! Could anyone help me please with a real headache concerning MS Flight sims and joystick. I have MS Flight Sim 2004 plus MS Combat sim 2002 and a Genius joystick. The joystick calibrations do not suit both simulators, it is too reactive for one and too slow for the other. If u alter the settings in either one simulator, it changes the settings for the other as well, and consequently I spend a lot of time trying to recalibrate it from one game to the other. It would be simple if the joystick would immediately respond to new settings for either one, but it takes several attempts at recalibrating, unplugging it and recalibrating, to get it suitable for either one. Please any suggestions, my feeling is that the joystick is just a cheap piece of c...!
Cheers people

11-07-2005, 04:02 AM
Have you looked on the manufactors website/Google search for help or read the manual.

You proberly have done both but sorry for suggesting it but some people dont.

There might be new drivers/softwear to download?

Does it not save your settings for you in each game?

Sorry cant suggest anything much, I dont have a joystick or play flight sim games.