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10-07-2005, 08:18 PM
I have a VST 40Gb portable hard drive. I attach it to a 1 yr old comp running on xp-pro.
Last night when booting up the machine said
"one or more of your drives maybe faulty"
So i agreed to let it run scan disk.
This took a long time. I have 38Gb used on the C drive and 27 on the portable driive
When I returned some time later the machine said something like >%$ errors found and moved to (somethingimpossible to read) I had to reboot because the machine was hung up.
After reboot using the file manager I could only find a broken Q on the portable drive and no directories.
When I use Norton Commander (1988 editionin DOS mode) it shows that under the directory Q is a directory "found" in this directory is all 10,894 files that were neatly sorted on my portable drive.
Except they are now renamed "file001.chk" through to "file10894.chk"
Using norton and compupic I have been able to view some of the files and they appear to be intact.
Is there anyway of restoring them ?
Since I can use norton in dos mode to copy the files and they copy, is the portable disk totalled or not?
Can the portable disk be used again ?
and many more questions born out of shock and bewilderment.

Your help, as ever, is greatly appreciated



11-07-2005, 12:43 AM
A .chk file is created when chkdsk (scandisk) tries to recover lost file fragments. Did your computer shut down normally just before this happened? Try to transfer the .chk files across to the main hard drive and see if you can recover the data from them. A quick google found this this (http://www.ericphelps.com/uncheck/) site which you may wish to look at, or see if someone can recommend a recovery program.

Once your have the files off the external drive, you can try scanning it again or use the drive manufacturer's diagnostic tools to check the health of it. You should find that utility on the manufacturer's website.