View Full Version : DVD Drive problem

03-07-2005, 11:45 AM
I am having big problems, downloaded ProShow Gold photo/music to TV slideshow, marvellous managed to get some dvd's done in between crashes.
Thought this may have something to do with not enough memory to support large programme plus photos, so took off all not to be used photos plus some other software. Still needed ctrl/alt/del to get me out. (I'm an old Granma here by the way :)
Now when I get to the Create stage >waiting for writer to become ready > current inserted disc has data on it (brand new 1 of zillions discarded) > retry (new DVD) > device not ready is there a blank disc in drive. and so on (pulling my non existent hair out).
Tried Nero burning rom see if could be drive it is telling me that some other programme is using the ? burning.
love your help as would love to get some disc to take over to the grandies on wednesday.
cheers lindy :)