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01-07-2005, 07:30 PM

Are there any COM ports where it allows the person to do the wiring themself? I have some unworkable mouses that uses a 9 pin COM port but its too hard to identify which colored wires work with which pin on the plug :(

So are there any of those COM ports? Be it openable or ones with exposed pins at the back would be good.

In terms of fragility, are the ones with exposed pins at the back and without a hardcase over weaker, and likewise if I just get a gender changer (9 pin on both sides or 9F/9M). Gender changeres are $9 a device. If the work is successful should still be less than the $400 price tag the manufacturer charges. It comprise of a CMOS chip, 5 capacitor, 2 resistor. I had to buy a Nikon 10pin cable off trademe and strip it down, cos i couldn't find another compatible heads, pins from a broken CD-ROM won't even fit :annoyed: , at best I could stick in staples but not the best practice.

I am designing a connector from its (10pin) film SLR cam to the computer with software I can download my settings. So the plug will be used now and then .... plugging and unplugging to the back of the computer.

I need one COM port. And then 3 other ports to meet 4 pin alignment cos I only have one Nikon plug .. so that has to be used with 2 cables (hence 3 heads needed). One to the computer cable and 2nd to my cable release which I am designing as well. For the price of 2 switch ($3)and 3 diodes (55c) they are charging $200 for such cable :groan:


01-07-2005, 10:52 PM
Are you confusing the meaning of COM Port with just the DB9 connector, that DSE sell perhaps?

A COM port is a serial RS232 port that is motherboard or riser card connected as a working port. Not a plug on a cable.

I am struggling to comprehend what you really want, but it sounds like you only need solder tail connectors to fit standard existing RS232 COM port male sockets. They are cheap and plentiful.
and a plastic shell to fit

01-07-2005, 11:11 PM
Thank you exactly what I was looking for! :D
I did a search with DB9 and didn't find much ..., DSE calls it Sub 9 instead :)

Thank You