View Full Version : Hotmail and XP

01-07-2005, 01:06 PM
I've just finished installing a new copy of XP on my other IDE drive and running that as my main hard disk.
When I go to Hotmail, the login screen comes up Ok, so I enter my password and click "Sign In".
A few clicks and the Padlock disappears, then everything just stops and nothing happens.
However, if I click the "GO" button up on the address bar, it carries on and logs in as per normal.
The same thing happens when I'm logged in. If I click "New email" or other buttons, it starts to go there, but stops. If I then click the "GO" button it carries on as per normal.

What's going on?

I did a search in the Press F1 archives and someone else had the same problem, they claim it solved itself after installing SP1, I have done the SP1 updates and it doesn't fix it..

Any thoughts?