View Full Version : No Video output, no beeps, nothing, but everything still powers on

23-06-2005, 03:22 PM
Ok heres my story, I bought a computer for $100 because a friend of mine is moving and hes needs all the money he can get.Ok here it is its a 2.4GHz Dual Processor Xeon with no video out on the mother board but it has one of those yellow plugs that are on tvs,vcrs, and dvd players. but it does have a gforce4 in it, along with a 120GB harddrive with XP pro.

The know problems of it when i first bought it.
When i first got the computer all it needed was one more 512ddr of ram to run the other processor. the video on the motherboard didnt work.sometimes when the machine was getting worked alot with alot of programs it would come up with a blue screen with a few paragraphs on it saying something like it was terminated to prevent any damage and at the bottom of the screen it would say "beginning to dump phyisical memory" and it would be slowly counting up from 0.

so i went out and bought a 512 stick of ram and it started right up. the computer had the most number of viruses on it i have ever seen so i started stopping some of the processes that are viruses. and it froze up so i just killed it with the switch on the power supply. I had another harddriver with some programs that would get rid of most of the spyware and viruses on it. so i hooked it up and i did set the jumpers right. but when i turned it on nothing happened. no video out put, no beeps, nothing except for the fans and harddrive turning on.

i have since then tested the ram and it was good,i have unplugged the floppy,harddrive, and cdrom.still nothing. so i took the battery out to reset the bios but that still didnt change anything. i know have no idea what could be the problem. so i would really love to find out what is wrong.thanks

Speedy Gonzales
23-06-2005, 04:28 PM
This other hard drive with programs on it. I take it, it had windows or an operating system on it?? Not just programs?

What version of windows was on the old hdd and whats on the one you installed?