View Full Version : Linux Cloning Drives + Drive Number Limitations

Ash M
19-06-2005, 03:01 PM

I'm running a Gentoo Server that serves my media collection across my lan. I've run out of space on the drives that I have (1x 160 & 2 x 80gb) drives and need to purchase another.

My questions then are thus.

1) Currently I have three drives plus a DVD-Rom connected taking up all 4 IDE channels.

Can I A) Add an IDE controller hard to add another drive or two with no problems (I have a large case)

B) Use the onboard SATA to connect another drive or two (SATA drives they would need to be of course)

Will this pose overheating problems of any kind? I'm already running an extra case fan in the box just for the hell of it..

2) One of the 80gig drives contains the / partition. If I do need to replace this drive with a bigger one rather than just add new drives then how do I go about cloning the said drive, and is there anything I need to lookout for whilst doing this.



20-06-2005, 12:12 AM
Just throw the extra hardware in, should be fine

You can use partimage to image partitions, its great, quick and easy. However I doubt in this scenario unless you're really running out of space in /usr or the likes that you would need to. Set a mount point, perhaps even /home for the new HDD. I personally have /mnt/large, /mnt/portage, /mnt/thumbdrive, /mnt/external, /mnt/crypt, /mnt/camera... the list is getting larger and larger :)

Hope this helps