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John W
17-06-2005, 10:32 AM
Group help on Community project

Ive had this idea in my head, about creating a Webpage that lists Community Activities

ONE thing missing on any of our locally based Webpages, is a Listing of Upcoming events, Sporting, Cultural, Promotional, AGMs, Displays - Shows, etc happening in the city. Clubs & Societies are always holding Open day, Exhibitions, Conferences, AGMs, Activities etc. They are rarely listed anywhere together, if their finance permits it may be in the local paper or Community Newspaper, and its hit or miss (usually miss) that you get to find out about them, then usually after the event.

I would like to create a simple website that allows users to list there event and allow others to view what’s coming up on a day by day or weekly basis, sorting by say Sporting, Cultural, Promotional, AGMs, Displays - Shows, Meetings headings as well as sorting by date (the default). Users would be directed to another page on the same site that allows them to enter the info, under the above headings, as well as Name of event, location, date, contact person & number.

One feature that would make the site easy to manage, would be the ability to automatically delete events listed for the current date at midnight.

I prepared to finance a Website that will hold this, but I need the collective wisdom & knowledge of this Group to get this underway.

Everyone gets equal listing, that way Profit & Non-Profit get equal sharing, Profit based activities could be charged to gain a better Highlight or more space at the top of any page, if they requested it.

So, any ideas how to go about this.

Im not loaded with funds, enough to pay for a Domain name and a Host site, provided its cheap enough. My gain out of this - the knowledge how to create and maintain this type of webpage.

If you would like to get hold of me, please do so on this my garage@xtra co nz remove the spaces,

Thanks John W

17-06-2005, 11:41 AM
So, any ideas how to go about this.

Sounds like a good idea, and you may even make a commercial success of it.

I think you need to just go ahead and create the site, ie make a template, put it online, and have sub-directories for each region. So your front page has a clean, smart look, with links to every region in NZ that you want to feature. This will obviously take some time, but when you want to attract organisations to feature their events you'll need at least something to show them.

You need to have a good contact form where organisations can simply fill in their details - you don't want to have to manually update their events for them - it'll mean endless emails, so a structured form is vital.

Then... you have to do a lot of Googling to find organistations that you will contact to ask them to submit their events.

Once you get enough events and your pages start to fill, the site will start attracting visitors on it's own.

It's a great idea and I'd be tempted to go into it with you, but right now I'm too damn busy.

A place to start to find local organisations is of course your library and/or CAB.

Interistingly my missus is a librarian who just told me that they're going to be publishing an online listing, so when that goes live I'll send you a link so you can borrow some ideas! ;)

However, if you need more help along the way, just yell via pm.