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16-06-2005, 07:07 PM
Hey guys,
Just new here looking for some advice regarding my computer.
I've had this machine for about 2 years now and have had no problems at all until very recently.

When I leave my computer for the day (when I leave for uni) or overnight.. It seems to automatically reboot without any signs of what happened. And it will stop during the bootup after it has conducted the memory test - Saying that it cannot detect any harddrives.

Now I have bought a new harddrive and am using that as my primary harddrive but it the problem still occurs and cant detect either of the harddrives.

Each time that happens I seem to have to disconnect the power to the harddrives inside my CPU and reboot. Now theres no problems. Now this seems to just be a temporary fix and the problem seems to be reoccuring more and more frequently.

Now I tried to find out more details about my harddrives but under Device Manager it doesn't seem to show what brand etc the harddrives are and I can't seem to remember either. Im sure I could pull them out and check if it was really important but I try not to fiddle incase I end up screwing something up.

FYI: Im running XP Pro fully updated. Can provide more info if needed.

Please offer any advice you can on this matter and thanks for your help,

16-06-2005, 07:50 PM
I'd check the PSU - try another one in it.

16-06-2005, 08:00 PM
Make sure that your hard drives are set to "Auto" in the BIOS.

16-06-2005, 08:09 PM
Hi JimmyBoy,I've just been experiencing a very similar thing,it's taken me over a month to track down the problem and in my case it turned out to be my harddrive dying .... the symptoms where exactly as you described .... incidently my hard drive was a little over 3 years old and just out of warranty :groan: hope yours is ok.

16-06-2005, 08:22 PM

PSU = Proccessor? Eeek.. sound smessy :'(

mzee > Thanks for the suggestion.

ruup > Argh crap... Worse case scenario :/
So you had to replace it completely? Well my main HDD is relatively knew... Got it from a friend.. not sure what the warantee details are regarding it :/ I hope it'll all be ok. Will getting a new HDD and installing windows on that and keeping all my data on these dodgy HDDs ok? or will it eventually turn to custard completely that I can't even access it?

Thank you guys for your help!

16-06-2005, 08:58 PM
PSU = Proccessor? Eeek.. sound smessyNo. PSU is the Power Supply Unit which is where all the plugs come from to supply the power to everything.

The processor is the CPU - Central Processing Unit.

16-06-2005, 09:01 PM
:@@: hehe... oopsies.. *feels REALLY stupid*
Ohh.. the big "box" thing at the top of my tower.... hm...
Would that be simple to replace for an amateur or you guys best recommend I do it through a technician?

Thanks again,

16-06-2005, 09:09 PM
Ummm.... it depends on how much experience you have fiddling around with the insides of a computer. If you have never put a computer together before it might be wise to get a tech to do it. It is up to you.

16-06-2005, 09:29 PM
Hm... Heres an interesting spin (http://www.gpforums.co.nz/showthread.php?threadid=272732&perpage=25&pagenumber=1) ...

Sounds VERY similar.. except.. not happening as frequently.. and I'm NEVER there when it happens.. so its not during specific programs..

Now after reading the entire thing... right at the end his final prob was conflicting programs.

Now somewhere in his thread he write:

Hey, I'm not sure whether if it's a hardware fault or not, but I'm pretty sure it is, because it sometimes lets me in for a second or a maximum so far 3 minutes. Speaking of which it came up with something like this.
Microsoft Error Report

"The system has recovered from a serious error".

I clicked on "See what data the error report contains", and it was the following;


Now thats EXACTLY the same error "files"i get when my comp craps out.
Now is that a coincidence or is that like a standard file that always pops up?

Just hoping its not a hardware problem.. What do you guys think of that?


16-06-2005, 09:52 PM
you can also get the same symptoms if the ram is faulty, try running memtest86 or goldmem.

16-06-2005, 11:41 PM
Thanks beama,
After about 2 hours of memtest86 it seemed fine with no errors so far. Thanks for narrowing it down :)

17-06-2005, 12:04 AM
I would suggest you have a look at Event Viewer for clues as to what the issue could be.
Event Viewer can be found at: Control Panel, open Administrative Tools, then open Event Viewer.
Then double click on System Records, and look for the red crosses.
Next time the system crashes, go to this log and see if anything comes up.

17-06-2005, 08:27 AM
Hi Mythix,
The only serious error that I don't get is:

AMLI: ACPI BIOS is attempting to read from an illegal IO port address (0xcfc), which lies in the 0xcf8 - 0xcff protected address range. This could lead to system instability. Please contact your system vendor for technical assistance.

And that doesn't happen around the times my comp dies. It died once last night :'(

Did some Seagate tests last night (found out they were Seagate)... the test reckons there was a SMART error or something along those lines on the hard drive :'( So I think it is time... *sigh*

Thank you very much for your advice anyways guys!