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25-09-2000, 11:32 AM
Help! I have just bought a new computer and loaded on Norton's Systemworks 2000. I ran through the programme to check out my new PC, and under Antivirus observed the message that I had not done a full disk scan. I followed instructions to do same, and at about the 50% complete mark, scanning stopped (incomplete) and brought me back to the dialog box telling me I had not done a full disk scan. I repeated the exercise 3 times, same result. I noted that at the time scanning stopped it was scanning the following directory:
ACCESORY/MSIE/ENG/IE and the file was WFC.ZIP. According to a search of my C:\ drive, that file does not exist. I have tried Norton's e-mail help and all I get is a computer answer with half a dozen 'problem answers' that are not relevant. Can you please offer advice.
Regards, Keith BOOTH.